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Experiencing the freedom that comes from grief recovery feels like

Sunrise at Midnight.

(Quote from Grief Recovery Participant)


For over 20+ years our team has grown to meet the ever increasing demand for emotional healing in our loss plagued, stress filled lives. We have trained a  team of Certified Grief Recovery Specialists to be able to offer support in both group settings as well as one-on-one.


Most of these certified specialists are not licensed therapists and that is not our focus. Our expertise comes in helping people who are stuck in their grief move past the pain and recover their lives through teaching a series of actions steps.


However, if we determine that a person's needs are beyond our scope of service, we will refer the person to a licensed professional within our strong network of licensed mental health care providers.





Every Loss is unique.  Every griever is unique.  There is no right way to grieve, no predictable stages of grief and no time limit on the effects of unresolved grief.


Headed by Executive Director and National Trainer for the Grief Recovery Institute® Mike Wadel AGRMS-II, The Chattanooga Center for Grief Recovery strives to meet people at their point of need and deliver to them practical tools and understanding that will equip them to face virtually every present, past and future loss in their life.


Our doors are open to every age, every race, every sexual orientation, every faith (or no faith), and every walk of life.  The only requirement to participate is to acknowledge your loss and have a strong desire and willingness to move past it.


Our goal is that no one should be denied group services based on their ability to pay.


Founded in the Spring of 2017, The Chattanooga Center for Grief Recovery is an extension of Sunrise at Midnight, a 20+ year ministry (501c3) of healing through grief recovery and counseling founded by the late Dr. Nancy Martin.  A partnership with White Oak United Methodist Church in Red Bank, TN has afforded the opportunity to begin a community outreach to both the Christian and Secular community.